How do we get stressed?

Sustained work overload at home or work is a common cause, but other events, such as financial difficulties, problems with the family, serious illness or the breakdown of a family- anything that changes your daily routine drastically- could induce stress.

Most experts say that a small amount of stress is necessary, it motivates and stimulates our lives, and we need to be able to address daily situations to make us stronger to deal with larger changes. Sometimes however stress becomes too great or erodes the spirit over a period and this can even bring illness and in extreme can lead to an emotional breakdown.

Stress Levels and signs

Some personality types are more susceptible to stress than others and different types of people react to crises in different ways. No matter what type of person you are, the physical reactions are the same, not just in the mind but in the blood chemistry, and although they are activated by the sympathetic nervous system, your mind will determine the strength of your physical reaction.

How to manage stress

  • Breathing, Take long, slow coordinated inhalations and exhalations and notice how your tense shoulders will drop on the out breath.
  • Rest, Give yourself a short break. If you can take a short walk stretch, change the area you are in, or even close your eyes for a few seconds to clear your mind.
  • Relax the mind, Close your eyes and picture something you find relaxing, such as a holiday you enjoyed, childhood feelings of no responsibility, or a pretty cottage away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Sleep, Sleeping is a great way to relax the mind but it is hard to achieve when our mind is racing with worries. A warm bath with good quality essential oils blend and herbal tea before bed do wonders, then listen to soothing music and slowly drift off.
  • Be positive, First, you must feel good about yourself, we are often very bad at this, so spend time thinking about what you have achieved and not what you haven’t done. Second, don’t use negative words and always speak about what you are doing or feeling now.
  • Lifestyle changes, Eat sensibly with fewer carbohydrates and more antioxidants and magnesium; drink lots of water to rehydrate your body that is 75% water; reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol; take up some kind of exercise; make time to have a social life.
  • Massage, Last but not least. regular massage will give you time and space totally for yourself. It will help reduce physical tension and naturally raise your endorphin levels, making you feel more positive and even euphoric!

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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