At Master Therapist I focus on quality over quantity, the centre point of your experience. I offer handpicked mastered individual treatments. If you are looking to relieve stressreduce pain, or feel more relaxed then I welcome you.
I invite you to revitalise and detox your mind & body and discover the benefits of mastered massage!  I only use naturally inspired, leading skincare brands, high-quality cold-pressed massage oils, and have vegan-friendly product options.  I learned from the great teachers along my way who are driven by a passion for natural healing and I will serve you with integrity, care, and have your well-being at heart. You are in good hands! Find out more about me HERE.

Massage will not be suitable for you if you suffer from a number of medical conditions, contraindications to massage. The full list may be found HERE.

Advance bookings are essential to avoid disappointment and secure your desired treatment date and time.
Please browse live up to date availability in the comfort of your own home 24hrs.
For online bookings, full payment is required to secure your visit.
Master Therapist operates general 48hrs refund & reschedule policy. Please see full policy HERE.

By phone – daily
Contact us on +44 (0) 1908 616105 for assistance with confirming a booking and any questions you may have.
Full payment is required to secure your booking. You must be able to present the card you have used to make your booking for verification upon check-in for your massage. If you are unable to provide the card used you will have to make a new payment for your booked service.
Your original payment will be then refunded.

Do pay attention to dates. I make the refund & reschedule policy extremely clear to everyone during the booking process.
For full policy click HERE.

Please kindly arrive 10 mins prior to the start of your treatment. This arrival period will ensure you do not arrive flustered and will assist you with some de-stress me time and medical consultation before your session begins.
When you buy a package of time with me I commit to having enough time to serve you. This also affects how many other clients I can take on. If you arrive late for your appointment I will do my utmost to accommodate your treatment, however, this is strictly subject to availability. If I am unable to accommodate your full treatment time due to full schedule, your appointment will end as scheduled to avoid inconvenience for the next guest.

I stand behind the treatments I offer. All therapies offered are gender neutral, using gender-neutral pure skin care*. After all, skin is skin, so I make sure my services and the products I use are suitable for, and enjoyed by, everyone. 
If you are concerned or anxious about anything to do with your massage talk to me and let me know. I want to make sure you’re comfortable. Let me know what you hope to achieve out of the treatment, areas you would like me to concentrate on and any medical history you may have. Please note that any treatment is taken at your own risk​.
*Some of the products used may contain almond oil or other allergens. Please inform me of any allergies you may have prior to your treatment. Please peruse master therapist medical contraindications page HERE.

Unfortunately, I do not offer pregnancy massage at this time.

The age limit for treatments is 18 years old.

All you need to bring is YOU!
I recommend you wear comfortable clothing to undress and dress.

To ensure your comfort during treatments I recommend that jewellery is not worn on the day.
Make sure you go to the bathroom! You don’t want to have to get up in the middle of your treatment!
To ensure you get more out of your treatment, I recommend you do not smoke or drink prior to visiting.
Avoid shaving prior to any treatments, this may cause irritation to your skin.

  • If you are feeling a little achy (after deep tissue massage, pain can occur for 1-2 days), go for a light walk or take a warm sea salts bath. Experiencing pain after a massage is perfectly ok. It’s very much like doing a workout. If the muscles aren’t used to it, they often respond with some soreness.
  • Try to take at least 15 minutes before you go back to work or drive anywhere. You will be in a state of relaxation although you might not realise it. This means that you need to give yourself a bit of time to ease back into the normal flow of things. 
  • Drink water or herbal teas after your treatment. There are loads of toxins running around your system after a massage and, by drinking plenty of water, you will help to flush them all out.
  • Regular massage treatments are highly recommended for maximum and long-lasting benefits and they go hand-in-hand with healthy living, a balanced diet and emotional wellness. ​​​

Please note that all treatments and massage memberships are subject to medical status, some medical conditions require a Doctor’s note.
A full list can be found HERE. Suitability of treatments will be confirmed on arrival during your medical consultation.
If the booked treatment is unsuitable I will endeavour to offer alternatives, where possible.
Master Therapist reserves the right to refuse treatment where it is deemed to be a risk to the health and safety of the customer or therapist.
​​If you are unsure, please email us or contact us for assistance.

Please visit HERE for directions and the nearest car park options.

If you are considering having a massage before or after your yoga class, either way, is totally good. Receiving a massage before your yoga session will increase pump up oxygenated blood around your body, assist in the detoxification process which will, in turn, leave your muscles supple and relaxed for your Alchemist yoga class.
If you have a massage after your class, your muscles will be supple, joints relaxed and you will be detoxifying.  The massage will assist in ridding the body of toxins further, lactic acid builds up in your muscles and improves your lymphatic system.
For efficiency of aromatherapy essential absorption, it is best to have a quick shower prior to your massage as well as hygienic purposes after your class.  ​

Yes, I do. Information about our in-office on-demand massage is available via our for business section HERE

Do you have more questions? Email us!


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